Aiding Your Communities

Whether a company is a fortune 500 or a small local business, it is essential for companies to contribute to society. Companies are starting to become aware of the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), also known as corporate citizenship. CSR is defined as the voluntary commitment of business to include in their corporate practices economic, social, and environmental criteria and actions. It is not required, but it is crucial for companies to help local, national, and global communities. Corporations gave out over 17 billion dollars last year (Double The Donation). Societies benefit greatly from companies operating in ways that enhance the standards of living for people that are directly involved. According to a report from the ADP Research Institute The Evolution of Work” The changing Nature of the Global Workplace, “today’s workers are increasingly motivated to work by more than just earning a paycheck. Largely, employees are looking to work on projects that are personally meaningful, have a positive impact on society, and benefit people’s well being.” (ADP Inc.). People all over the world are struggling with everyday problems but with the help of companies that have accepted their role of going beyond their business to help, society is taking a huge step forward. All of this progress is made possible through non-governmental organizations known as NGOs. NGOs are generally defined as nonprofit entities independent of government influence (Grantspace). Non-governmental organizations are typically operating on an international level. They include but are not limited to environmental, social, advocacy, and human rights work. (Grantspace). NGOs and non-profit organizations are the “vehicles” that companies use to help society in need. Non-governmental organizations are a reliable partner that corporations can trust to help them accomplish their economic, environmental, and social goals. They are crucial to a progressive society and to making society better to live in. With the help and support of companies, organizations like this are paving the way for a new and better world for the future.