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Women’s Empowerment and Girl’s Education are the sparks that will ignite universal change in all corners of the world. Females make up 49.6% of the world’s population, yet are among one of the most neglected populations of people around the world and are often denied the right to education, opportunity, and equal pay. 

Embrace Relief believes that empowering women, increasing educational, and opening doors to workforce opportunities are the keys to breakthrough gender inequality and discrimination. Our Women’s Empowerment Program addresses these issues and encourages women and girls to take control of their education and future. Programs in Tanzania include the Young Women’s Higher Education Program, which provides young women college tuition assistance. These young women receive funding for tuition, housing, transportation, meals, books, and printing needs.

Furthermore, Embrace Relief has partnered with The Agency for the Development of Educational Management (ADEM), a training institution of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MoEST) in Tanzania, to empower female educators to become school leaders. This is a 2-year training program that puts female teachers in positions of power (i.e. management and supervisors) within school systems. 

With your support of a monthly donation, we will educate young women, open doorways to workforce opportunities, and combat gender inequality. Together, we can make a global difference that will empower women for generations to come! 

Empowering women’s education is the cornerstone of a new generation of confident women. RISE provides women with guidance and opportunities to better their quality of life! Today, you have the opportunity to influence change and invest in the future for all.

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