Bringing Digital Literacy to Sub-Saharan Africa

In Sub-Saharan Africa, very little of the population has access to computers or the internet, not to mention the wealth of information stored on both. Approximately 32.6 million primary-school-aged children and over 25.7 million adolescents do not, or are unable to attend school. Emerging technology and advances in infrastructure now offer low-cost teaching resources, providing greater inclusion and improved education quality. This fall, Embrace Relief is donating over 300 brand new computer processing units (CPU) that will be delivered to Tanzania and Uganda. Each computer will provide access to a world of knowledge for these children. Through support and contributions from donors, we were able to reach phase one of our goal to have the full units ready for Tanzania and Uganda by this fall. Bringing this technology and educational programs to these countries means further educating the world so we can all see and experience a brighter future. Our next step will entail a goal of distributing 1000 computers with the ICT system to schools in Sub-Saharan Africa, opening more doors to education.