Mother’s Day 2019

Honor your mother this year in a way that will truly make a difference

with a donation to improve the lives of mothers and children.

Give the Gift of Sight:
two million people worldwide experience vision problems resulting from cataracts, despite the availability of a cure for just $100. Your tax deductible donation will help Embrace Relief mobilize physicians so they can perform regular health check-ups and cataract surgeries in developing countries. To date, we have funded over 2,100 cataract surgeries and 21,000 health checkups.

Give the Gift of Hope:

Children are our most precious assets, yet in many parts of the world they are deprived of the essential care and education they need to develop and flourish. Your tax-deductible donation will help Embrace Relief cover a child’s basic physical needs, as well as their medical and educational costs.

Honor your mother by providing greater opportunities to those in need. Together we can improve the lives of children by providing immediate necessities while building life-long solutions for them and their families.