Youth Island

Youth Island NY 2017 & 2018 Trips

In 2017, Youth Island of New York traveled to Haiti where they taught English to local school children, completed various construction projects, and supplied three orphanages with food. The following year in 2018, the group traveled to Tanzania where they built a water well that continues to serve the village. They also refurbished an orphanage with donated beds, tables, chairs, toys and painted cartoons on the walls of the orphanage. Each year, in collaboration with Embrace Relief, Youth Island NY gathers a team of eight students and a mentor for international trips to administer humanitarian aid in the form of health screenings,  construction and food drives. In the summer of 2017, a team traveled to Haiti. During the trip, the students taught local children English and carried out various constructive activities. Besides supplying three orphanages with food, they helped them improve and maintain proper sanitary practices. A year later in Tanzania, they built a water well in a village experiencing water scarcity and assisted in the refurbishment of an orphanage. The volunteers donated and assembled new beds complete with pillows, sheets, blankets, as well as tables, toys and slippers. To brighten the children’s environment, they painted the walls with cartoon characters. This coming summer, they will bring their services to Uganda, where many residents are without access to basic healthcare services. While there, the team hopes to conduct screenings for 1,400 people, preventing diseases like malaria, HIV and diarrhea. In particular, they wish to improve the welfare of children. 4,000 people will also receive food packages. Youth Island NY relies entirely on donations to perform these services and so the group asks you to consider contributing to its fundraising campaign. Your contribution will feed families,  improve wellbeing and bestow aid recipients with the means to further their own development.