Youth Island 2019 Summer International Trip

By April 24, 2019 No Comments

This upcoming summer, Youth Island NY will be traveling to Uganda, which has one of the world’s worst healthcare records and a 39 percent undernourishment rate. Such conditions can lead to physical and cognitive stunting, as well as poor academic performance. 

Comprised of eight students and a mentor, Youth Island conducts health screenings, water well construction and food drives. Previously, they have offered these services to needy residents of Haiti and Tanzania.

However, the group relies on donations in order to deliver these services. Their needs are as follows: 

  1. Health screenings (3 days, treating 1,400 people): $5,000
  2. Food drive (will feed 1,500 people): $5,000
  3. Qurban (will feed 300 families):  $6,900

Total: $16,900

Donate for Health Screenings Donate for Food Drive Donate for Qurban

Help Youth Island NY deliver these services by donating to this campaign. Your contribution will help feed families, provide clean water and promote good health.