International Hunger Relief Ramadan 2020


100,000 refugees currently residing in camps across Greece with deprivation of food and clean water

Help Refugees


More than 24 million Yemeni, including 85,000 children, face imminent starvation.

Stop Starvation


Every year, 5 million African children die of hunger.

Stop Deaths


22 million+ students have no school lunches since closings of schools.

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Zakat al-Fitr

Before the Eid al-Fitr, give your Zakat al-Fitr, and help us fight with hunger!

Zakat al-Fitr


In honor of Ramadan, we ask you to consider making a donation, which will help fund a soup kitchen.

Help with Zakat

As the season of Ramadan ends on May 23rd, we become more aware of worldwide hunger and thirst. But for millions, starvation and dehydration are a daily reality.

Before the Coronavirus outbreak, over 820 million people around the world went to bed hungry every night. Now, COVID-19 threatens to force the world’s hungriest to life-threatening extremes and force many into food insecurity.

  • 40+ million Americans were already struggling to put food on the table before COVID-19
  • The closing of schools in the U.S. affects roughly 22 million+ students who relied on school lunches – leading to an increase in food insecurity
  • For millions of children in Africa, closing schools means an end to the only hot meal they get on a daily basis
  • 100,000+ refugees in Greece, with many living in camps with little food.
  • In poor countries, lockdowns will only lead to more hunger, starvation, and death

You can help prevent this from becoming a worldwide catastrophe.

To help combat this, Embrace Relief will be delivering food packs to those in need during this time of uncertainty and confusion.

Each food pack cost :

Help deliver a food pack today by donating to this campaign to feed hungry neighbors. Your contribution will help free these vulnerable populations from hunger.