Project Details

To learn more about the projects click the links below. For any further questions regarding our projects please email us at [email protected]

Water Well

The water-well project serves various locations in sub-Saharan Africa with a clean water source. These wells are dug deep to ensure the water is sanitary, and they will last a lifetime. Lack of access to clean water leads to diseases and death, and currently, many women and children must travel far distances in order to retrieve water for their families.

But with a safe, local water source, citizens can invest more time into education and productivity. The cost of building one well is $4,500 and each well can provide water for approximately 1,000 people.

Orphanage renovations Project

The Dogodogo Center is a facility where orphans are provided with food, water, shelter, education, and learn vocational skills in order to increase their chances of finding employment and living fulfilling lives. To appropriately accommodate the increasing number of children, the Dogodogo Center needs to renovate two dormitories and construct two classrooms. Each dormitory will cost approximately $16,000 and each classroom will cost approximately $7,500.

Health and Cataracts

It is estimated that two million Africans experience vision problems stemming from cataracts. This causes the loss of employability, mobility, and independence. Regular health screenings and basic surgeries are necessary for people to survive and thrive. You can raise funds for cataracts surgery for a minimal cost and help African people secure a future. One cataract surgery costs $100, and you can help bring the gift of sight to 10 people for $1,000.

In addition to our projects we also have visiting volunteer activities that your chapter could conduct if you decide to take a trip to Haiti, to fulfill one of the above projects.

Movie Night

Orphans have a limited number of activities they can do within the orphanages. During the day orphans play games, few of the orphans are lucky enough to attend school, and others have educational lessons within the orphanage. Overall, everyday is a routine. Choosing to have a movie night with the orphans gives them the opportunity to explore something different. With this option your chapter may choose to bring candy and snacks for the orphans to enjoy during the movie.

Fun for Kids

While visiting the orphanages or hosting the orphans, your chapter may consider activities such as, face painting, making balloon animals/objects, having a puppet show, etc. Also, volunteers can dress-up as clowns and play games with the children. For these activities, we ask that you obtain your own costume and supplies necessary for each.

If your chapter has additional ideas for activities that you would like to propose, please notify us at [email protected]