Emergency Housing

Millions of people contemplate fleeing their home country due to war, violence, persecution, and terror every minute. Those who are brave enough to do so must uproot their families and seek asylum in a foreign country. These families bring little to nothing with them, leaving them vulnerable to homelessness, starvation, and even death during the journey.


Refugees who find themselves in these predicaments call Embrace Relief, and we place them into emergency housing until we can help them find a place to live. Furthermore, we provide translators to assist with their search, asylum paperwork, and place the children into school.

Why Support the Emergency Housing?

We currently support 166 families, of whom 106 are single mothers. Those helped with rent have lost their life savings during their journey to freedom due to encounters with smugglers. There are still thousands of refugees seeking shelter away from overcrowded and unsanitary refugee camps. Our representative evaluates their rent assistance application to be approved or rejected under the guidelines we have set. If approved, we provide up to $500 in rent assistance. 

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